“ Proven Clinical & EPR Solutions ” A comprehensive, scalable, flexible and modular Healthcare Information System covering all aspects of the healthcare process from clinical to administrative and financial.

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Nasser Shehata

BSc. Engineering
Nasser has over fifteen years Medical Informatics experience gained various countries around the world and in both the private and public sectors. He has been involved in the design and implementation of large scale IT projects covering all aspects of healthcare processes and his experience spans the provider side (Hospitals and Medical Centres), the payer side (Insurance companies, public national healthcare coverage and Medicaid state sponsored healthcare coverage and sponsors) and the patient side.

Nasser focuses on practical, innovative solutions based on the implementation of successful e-health solutions that really work. The scale and diversity of the solutions in which he has been involved has given him a holistic view and the knowledge and experience gained in some of the most challenging environments has continuously enriched his implementation methodology and resulted in the company’s unrivalled success.
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“ Proven Clinical & EPR Solutions ”